Brothers In Arms April 26, 2020 Post

organized by: LTC Michael Sturdivant

Major(R) King with his 3 Sons and Daughter

Who Is Major(R) Eric K. King: The Veteran

 Major King served four combat tours with the US Army over 16 years:

  • Infantry Platoon Leader 2004 – 2005 in Iraq.
  • Company Commander in combat 2007 – 2009, Iraq.
  • Sustainment Brigade Operations Officer 2013 – 2014, Afghanistan.
  • Battalion Executive Officer 2014 – 2015, Liberia, West Africa, in support of the fight against Ebola.

          As the acting battalion commander during his deployment to Liberia, West Africa, Major King, and his battalion provided humanitarian aid and assistance to the African nation during this health crisis.  MAJ King saw first hand how Ebola was ravaging the country and region. Major King’s leadership and organizational skills were essential during this global crisis.

After a distinguished and decorated career, Major King was honorably retired on June 28, 2016. He sacrificed his body for this nation, sustaining multiple injuries, including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety disorders. He paid the ultimate price giving all he had to the Soldiers and community he served. VetsWhatsNext was the question he was left to answer for all those he had served with and could still help through his nonprofit organization.

          His commitment to the nation and the veteran community didn’t allow him to go and sit quietly while his troops continued to serve. MAJ Eric King, now retired, did all that he could to recover physically mentally and emotionally.  VetsWhatsNext is his contribution to the Soldiers, veterans, and their families still serving. Eric was recently recognized by the NAACP and will receive the President Special Achievement and Distinguished Public Service Award from the Grand Prairie NAACP.

Who Is Major(R) Eric K. King:  The Father

Major King is a native of Marianna, Arkansas, and is the proud father of three sons and one daughter. He loves to spend time with his family, attending church, reading, golfing, and fellowshipping with his fraternity brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., traveling and attending functions as a member of the VFW and American Legion.


COVID-19 World Campaign

VetsWhatsNext is running its first Worldwide campaign. Over the next 90 days, all donations and sales from VWN apparel will go to The Dallas Foundation, The World Health Organization, and families that are impacted by this Coronavirus crisis. 

            VWN COVID-19 shirts and other merchandise purchased from the online store and donations will support this drive. To support this VWN initiative and a great cause, you can visit