Black Fathers, NOW! Episode 26-A Dynamic Conversation with Youth Advocate, Social Media Influencer and Creator of Fliptendo Electronics and the Fliptendo V.R. Headset; Jeremiah “Flip” Benjamin of Inglewood, CA

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Today’s episode is super off the Chain!!!!

I had the opportunity to go deep with “Flip the Hood Technologist” AKA Jeremiah Benjamin.  “Flip” is the founder of Fliptendo Electronics with its flagship product being the Fliptendo Virtual Reality Headset.  Visit and check out some of their awesome stuff!  He drops some serious nuggets of wisdom and actually walks us through his process of coming up with an idea and communicating with overseas manufacturers to bring products to market.  Whats so cool about Flip’s story is that he used the motivation from his family and neighborhood of Inglewood, California to generate his ideas.  He also set out to create technology that would directly benefit folks from his own community….Such an Inspiration!  We talk about Fatherhood, technology, Chinese Manufacturing, Ownership, Group Economics, Believing in yourself, etc.  PLEASE PLEASE share this episode with Everyone!  Also, connect with Flip:

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